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Windows 10, Excel 2016!



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Windows version? Excel version?


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Good afternoon everyone!  I’m working with a client who is having major problems with an Excel spreadsheet.  The problem occurs when he is making edits to cells within the spreadsheet.  JAWS will stop responding, and then try to reload.  Still, he is not able to navigate through the spreadsheet.  Eventually, he has to close Excel by going into the task manager, and closing it that way.  This is hampering his work.  We have performed a JAWS repair, with no luck.  We have contacted MS accessibility, and they say they are able to navigate through the spreadsheet, with JAWS still running.  I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to resolve this one.  He is running the current build of JAWS 18 that was released on Monday of this week.  Thanks in advance for any help!


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