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Thanks to Les and Stan. That sounds about like the access I had with Window Eyes. Quicken is offering a 60-day money back guarantee on trying Quicken 2017 and they say they've revamped the interface, which could go either way on accessibility. I lost a year's worth of Quicken files due to a computer crash last summer, so I'm going to start fresh and maybe given Quicken 2017 a try. I tried the Cash Manager software someone else mentioned and didn't have the patience to figure it out; it was not intuitive. Like Les, I'm mainly tracking spending categories for my accountant and our family budgeting.

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Hi Robin,

I'm using it for downloading of transactions into various accounts. You can tab through the check registries, but often, double entries are read.
Accessibility needs lots of work. As mentioned, Intuit sold the Quicken product to Quicken itself. The web site is They provide support, but it depends on who you get when you call. I use it now because I want to categorize transactions for tax purposes for our accountant. If there was another viable option, I'd take it. I will probably add investment accounts to my accounts list, something I don't think other programs support. Cash Management had some potential, but they didn't support the Quicken format, and there was poor follow-up from their contact when I approached them about this issue. Every package I know of supports the Quicken format, so that was disappointing. Hope this helps.


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Anyone using JAWS with Quicken? I'll be moving to JAWS from Window-Eyes, which has some level of accessibility with the personal Quicken.

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