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Good info, and rather than "suggest" that it be downloaded and save to the
hard drive I would suggest "crazy not to save to the hard drive" as a more
appropriate phrase.

Many times I've installed the newest update and found that it broke more
than it fixed. Then since I always, always, always save every version on my
hard drive, I am able to uninstall the offending piece of cruddy version and
install the previous version and wait for the possibly-better version some
time later.

Saved my hind-end more than once.

Dave Carlson
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Hi All,

Below are the direct download links for the latest version of Jaws13, Jaws
13.0.527. Choose your operating system & click on the link. It is
suggested to save the download to your computer, in a place you can access
easily, & run the update from there instead of running / installing from the

For 32 Bit Systems:

For 64 Bit Systems:

Hope this helps. Take care.
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