Outlook 20196 reading mail


Hello all,

I loaded Jaws on the laptop running win 10, and Office 2016.

Doing a lot of looking around in the settings and I have managed to do a lot
of things already, like turn off all the extra keys.

I find myself back here in out look to go through the helpful tips that the
lists are providing.

When I open an email that I haven't read yet. Jaws is saying not read TWO
SPACES followed by the sender and subject.

What is that?

And another how do you read a message? For example these messages have links
at the bottom that are like reply to list, new topic and so on.

When the message is open doesn't the web layout nav keys work here like to
jump straight to the links in a message?

And on a related note can I remap the key for next link and prior?

As I was typing this message I noticed I must have made a mistake in my
settings. Now when I am trying to correct a mistake and I delete the space
after a word I am hearing JAWS say TOO SPACES when I hit delete.

Why is that? I believe I heard that while running through the settings tree
but I don't know where it was in the tree.

Thanks a lot

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