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But what a joy when they balance with the bank.

Now that it is accessible with JAWS, I can use it. About 12 years ago, my now deceased) husband at that time got a job, but he needed to submit his reports on a spread sheet. I could not work the thing that the company sent, and he was not good on computer, depended on me, so he could not take that job. The ones that I have now, that my present husband put on my computer are accessible, and what a joy WHEN I BALANCE, which is most of the time. Then when I don't, have to figure why not. I was surprised when they were accessible, judging by the one back in 2005.

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God forbid we enjoy ourselves while working on a spreadsheet.

If you can enjoy yourself "while working on a spreadsheet" with any inducement then you're a better person than I am! Excel (and it's analogs) are the very definition of weary work.
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