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James Homuth

While this is a discussion list, I have had to close one or two threads down for getting too far off the rails in recent days. So long as we're mindful of the topic of the list, I see no problem with the thread's continuation. While the subject line could stand to be a bit more informative, there is no list policy requiring it. As such, unless it begins to cause problems, I will not mandate a change.
In future, I would strongly advise issues regarding list administration be brought to me directly. If an administrative decision needs to be made, I will make that decision. If you would like to have a part in making that decision, I have been known to accept interested parties as list moderators - provided those interested parties are not solely interested in simply making that decision. If administrative issues continue to be brought to the list at large, you will be in violation of list policies and handled accordingly.
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Subject: Please change the subject line! Do not have liquids when listening to this

Hi Folks,


My gosh, a I know I am sounding grumpy, but I am.  A significant number of discussion threads on this list recently have either meaningless, as with this one, or subject lines that were originally correct, but the thread has gone far away from that subject.  Many of us just cannot keep up on a list like this without being able to use the subject line to decide if it is a note we want to read.  All of us should make it our responsibility to edit a subject line when we add to a thread if it is appropriate to change.

Also, please do not even initiate a thread with a subject line like this one “Do not have liquids when listening to this




Tim Ford



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On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 12:30 pm, Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS) wrote:

God forbid we enjoy ourselves while working on a spreadsheet.

If you can enjoy yourself "while working on a spreadsheet" with any inducement then you're a better person than I am!  Excel (and it's analogs) are the very definition of weary work
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