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Don H

OK on my system windows key b shows all the items in the system tray but the jaws methods of showing them simply doesn't work. Beat this horse enough I will just tab around to the system tray or use the windows key b method.

On 5/23/2017 6:36 PM, David Moore wrote:
I just tried:
Insert+F11, and all of my system tray items show up in a list. I just press Windows+B and access the tray that way, but my JAWS command does work, I have the latest JAWS and Win10 Creators update.
David Moore
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The help file regarding Jaws keystrokes says that either Jaws key F11 or
control shift F11 is supposed to read all the items in the system tray.
It simply doesn't work. If either is used you will get a list of two
items when in fact in my case there is eight items in the system tray.
How often does FS check to see if their keystrokes really work?

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