Re: sharing documents via Facebook?

Amar Jain

Hi Adrian,
You rightly observed, my problem is not related to Jaws. Well, on a business page, I want to share some legal articles with my clients, and I want them to give the ability to view that document in browser itself just by clicking on the direct link which I share on facebook.
I could have even gone with Google Docs, but firstly I will need to take approval, and secondly at times if you use google docs’s own viewer, it creates formatting problems.
One of the applications which I tried was, and it worked fine on the fake page which I created, but not on the business page for some reason. It uploads and posts the link on the business page, but when you try viewing it, it gives you an error saying word web cannot open the file, it was terminated, it encountered an error and open the file directly in MS word. (Sorry, don’t have exact text at the moment)
Written to the developers, but as one may expect, no response.
Checked the apps and websites settings, but couldn’t spot the cause of the problem.
No information is available on google.
If nothing works, then only the possibility which will be time-consuming is to create your own application using PHP or something, and use it on your own server. Despite the fact I keep playing with IT related things, but since this is not my profession, I can’t be as quick as I need to be.
Coming back to GDocs, I was much happy with old google docs which was though less accessible, but was usable with IE. This one, is not usable with IE as easily as its predecessor. Specially upload and create functions. One has to use firefox that too upload I couldn’t use easily. Even after uploading, I didn’t figure out how and where to give a title so that link appears properly in the emails etc.
Appreciate you for trying to help me out.
Amar Jain.
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I know you received a discouraging reply earlier, but I'm wondering if you
think the problem is a result of JAWS not providing you the information you
need. Your explanation suggests it isn't, but you might want to elaborate.

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Subject: Sharing documents via facebook?

Hi All,
I am looking at the possibility of sharing documents via facebook page.
Directly it is not possible, and I have tried using an app called,
developed by microsoft and facebook.
Though it is allowing me to share and view the document on my wall, but it
is not allowing me to do the same on my facebook page.
Can you advise me what can be the solution / other possibilities for the
Amar Jain.
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