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In the 1950's, and prior, in my city, dispatchers were not hired.  If their voices were at all suggestive.  The belief being, the sound of their voices would distract individuals from the purpose of doing their jobs.  I still believe the voice on a computer, when one is using it to perform ones job should not suggest entertainment in any way.  Or should be a distraction from doing ones job.

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My female manager heard the senthetic voice and said, “Can’t you get a sexy man to be the voice?  Does it have to be so robotic?”

That may have been a ridiculous question then, but not so much now.

There are some very "sexy" sounding voices available for speech synthesis that sound virtually human.  This is particularly so on GPS devices, and some of these voices are a hoot (unless someone is easily offended by directions being given in very suggestive, as opposed to demanding, tones).
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