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Richard B. McDonald

What, exactly, is the difference between the JAWS and the invisible cursors?


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Invisible is a toggle.  You tap the JAWS cursor once and it says JAWS, again and it says Invisible, then back to JAWS.




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How does one activate the invisible cursor, or am I mis-reading the material below?  I find steps to activate each of the other listed cursers, but no such activation step listed for the invisible curser.  Please explain, I am very curious to check this out!  I have used JAWS since 1989, and have never tried nor understood its function and capabilities.


Tim Ford



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Hi Don,


About JAWS Cursors, below all 4 of them are explained.
Navigating through Windows with JAWS is accomplished with cursors. These
cursors determine the focus of JAWS speech and are often directly linked
with Windows cursors.

The PC Cursor - Follows Keystrokes
This cursor is linked to the keyboard functions of Windows and
This is the cursor that is used when typing information, moving through
options in dialog boxes, and selecting options or icons. As you type
information, the PC Cursor follows along with each key you press. If you
making a selection in a menu or dialog box, the PC Cursor highlights the
currently selected object. The PC Cursor is activated by default when JAWS
starts. If you are using a different cursor, pressing NUM PAD PLUS returns
you to the PC Cursor.

The JAWS Cursor - Follows Mouse Pointer
The JAWS Cursor is linked to mouse pointer functions in Windows and other
applications. It is used to read information the PC Cursor cannot read,
as toolbar information. The mouse follows along with the JAWS Cursor when
is moved, and you therefore have access to information in an application
window that is beyond the scope of the PC Cursor. To activate the JAWS
Cursor, press NUM PAD MINUS.

The Virtual PC Cursor - HTML Environment
The virtual PC Cursor mimics the functions of the PC Cursor, but is
activated by default when entering an HTML document. The virtual PC Cursor
speaks the number of frames in a document, and the number of links in the
frame. You can switch between frames, and JAWS reads graphics labeled by
tags in the HTML code.


Invisible Cursor

The JAWS cursor is basically the mouse cursor that is visible on screen.
The invisible cursor can be moved around just like the JAWS cursor to view
information.  It works like the mouse cursor but can not be seen on screen
or effect objects.  Therefore you can not use the NumPad / (left mouse
click) or NumPad * (right mouse click) on an object.  It is useful to read
information without disturbing the mouse cursor.  It is also useful to
determine colors or whatever might change when the mouse is over an object.
It will not cause ToolTips to pop up.


Take care, Mike.
Sennt from my iBarstool.  Go Dodgers!

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Subject: cursors in jaws


I am trying to do my best in learning JAWS under the help and training
sections listed in the JAWS user interface.  If I understand it
correctly there three cursor modes in JAWS.  I can find no help topics
discussing them and how to use them.  Can someone lead me in the right
direction to learn all about cursors in Jaws.

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