Re: silencing Jaws during self-voicing programs

Carol Smith

Hi Judith,

If someone sent you these steps, ignore this message. It depends on what you want to happen. If you temporarily want to
disable speech while you are doing something, press insert plus space and then the letter s. When you are finished, press the same keys and will get speech back.

If you want speech silenced for a program every time you open it and speech to return if you close the program or alt-tab out of it, do the following:

1. Open the program you want silenced.
2. Press insert plus the 6 on the number row.
This will open a menu and it should say the name of the program you just opened.
3. Press ctrl-E to get to the edit box and type the word sleep
4. This will populate the screen with two options. Arrow to the second one, which will say something like
sleep mode disabled, miscellaneous
5. Press spacebar to toggle to enabled, unload synthesizer
6. tab to OK button and press enter.

Should this screen not close, press alt-F4.

These were not my instructions, but rather help from other knowledgeable persons on this list.


On 5/22/2017 6:29 PM, judith bron wrote:
Does this command work again only in the program you are typing in or does it stay active in the next program you type in? Judith

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Carol, JAWSKey(insert)+spacebar then s to turn speech off or on.

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How do I get Jaws to stop speaking while running programs that have their own speech? For example, Kurzweil has a Jaws built-in way to take care of this. I would like to play my BlindGamers games without having to shut Jaws down completely. Can this be done? Thanks.



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