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James Homuth

Hasn't screen tracking been part of JAWS for ages? That sounds very, very

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I certainly consider the screen tracking a useful addition, there have been
lots of times where I have been trying to show something to a
seeing-eye-human and have had a hard time getting across where I am focused
(sometimes selecting text works but even that isn't always an option).

On 5/22/17, Dave... <> wrote:
Interesting. Nothing fantastic jumps out with this release. Still
nothing that tells me it is more stable now. But, I paid for 18 so
I'll continue to

update it, even though I'm using JAWS 16 full-time.

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The page at
lists what changes with each release, you have to skip past the
material that relates to the jaws release as a whole to the material
that is new for each build (currently starts at "Enhancements in JAWS
18.0.2945 (May 2017)")

This build has quite a lot of new material.

On 5/22/17, Don H <> wrote:
Installed the Jaws update that popped up today. Install went just fine.
Is there a way to know what changes were made in such updates?
Thanks from a newbee

Soronel Haetir

Soronel Haetir

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