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I think copying from a website depends a lot on the website and the browser. For example, it is not possible to copy for example the item description on Amazon, at least not on and not with IE or Chrome.
Also, I have been using Google Chrome as my primary browser lately and while for the most part I really like it, it seems copying does not work as well as with IE. I can go to the same website with IE and copy a few lines whereas with Chrome I cannot and at best I have to do a select all, then copy and paste everything into Notepad and use Control+F to find the information, then delete everyting from the start of the information to the beginning of the document, locate the end of the information and delete everything from there to the end of the document. Maybe somebody will tell me if I am wrong and this is a Jaws issue, but since I can copy the same selected information on a website with IE and not with Chrome it would make me conclude it is a browser/website issue.
I know that a web developer can, for example, code the website so that any pictures on the website cannot be saved by right clicking on the picture and select the "Save Picture" option from the context menu that comes up. On other websites that is not a problem and I wonder if in the same way a web developer can restrict the ability to copy text from a website.


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I am finding that the copy and paste function in Jaws is somewhat troublesome in that it does not copy all that you have selected.
Here is what I am doing and please tell me what I am doing wrong.
I go to a web page that has a recipe I wish to copy. I go to the top of where I want to start copying and while holding down the shift control keys I arrow down the page until I have selected all I wish to copy. I then hit control C to copy the selected data to the clip board. I then open a word document and hit control v to paste the info. It seems that I am always missing the last few lines I am trying to copy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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