Re: saying graphic as i arrow up and down a file list

Jed Barton

ah ha, awesome, well, your trick worked, i went to the startup wizard,
and the problem seems to ahve gone away, yeahha! Thanks so much,
sincerely appreciate it.

On 5/18/17, Tyler Spivey <> wrote:
I'll explain what this is and how to fix it.

This is JAWS trying to give a label to unknown graphics automatically.
If it doesn't know what to call something, it will use the word graphic
followed by a number.
This can be disabled. Personally when I use JAWS, I prefer to do this
for all applications.

These are not web graphics.

We can try changing the default graphic verbosity for JAWS.
The easiest (though not the only) way to do this is through the Startup

1. Activate the JAWS window with Insert+j.
2. From the Help menu, select Startup Wizard.
3. Press enter until you hear Verbosity Settings.
4. Tab until you hear Graphic Verbosity, and set it to labeled graphics.
5. Press enter until the Startup Wizard disappears.

That should solve it, unless overridden by an application specific
setting (which may have been changed in Settings Center or with JAWS

On 5/17/2017 1:35 AM, Jed Barton wrote:
Hey guys,
Curious if anyone has seen this, not sure what it is. In 1 of my
programs, i am going to open a file. Si i go to file open, and find
the location. As i'm arrowing up and down my file list, before every
file, it says sever graphics, something like graphic 244, graphic 212,
as an example. It's really annoying, any ideas what it could be?


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