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Carol Smith

Thanks Mike,

With the instructions you provided plus the clarification from Sieghard, excuse me if I didn't spell it correctly, I was able to make the pitch changes.  Yes, you can change pitch for other synthes, too.  I am using the Vocalizer compact voices and they work quite well with the pitch changes. 

Thanks again, and take care.



On 5/22/2017 6:25 PM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi Carol,
The steps I provided are for Eloquence.  I don't use any other voices, so I'm sorry I didn't mention that.  Now with that being said, if you follow the steps, & when you tab to, Voice Adjust / All Contexts, arrow down to, PC, Jaws, Keyboard, or Tutor & Message cursor options, tab through each of these, & you will find the Voice Pitch Slider.  If you make a change in 1 of these cursors, tab to Apply, & spacebar it to save the change for that cursor.  After you make changes to each cursor Apply them, & when you are working with the last cursor after applying your change, now tab to Okay & press enter to save all your changes & close.
Take care, Mike.
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Hi Mike,

OK, this time, I have already gone through all of those steps.  The only pitch change option I can find is for capital letters.  I want to actually adjust the speaking pitch of the selected voice.  I did look through the settings and there is no pitch change for any of the ones I selected.  I have NeoSpeech, Vocalizer, Vocalizer HQ, Eloquence and sapi5.  If I am missing something, I don't know where it is because I did exactly what you suggested.  Thanks for trying, and if you have any other ideas, I will be glad to try them, too.


On 5/22/2017 5:51 PM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi Carol,
Try the following:
1. Press, Insert / Jaws key + J, to open the Jaws context menu.
2. Press the letter, O, to open Options.
3. Press the letter, V, to open Voices, or arrow down to it & press enter.           
4. Press enter on, Voice Adjustment, & tab down to, Voice Adjust.  Here you can make the pitch change amongst many other setting adjustments.  Make sure to Apply & Okay your changes.
Take care, Mike.
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Subject: voices and pitch


Although I am getting used to playing around with voices and their
settings, I have not been able to change the pitch for any of them.  Is
this possible?  For example, the Reid voice would be reasonable except
it is a bit too bassy.  On the other hand, Glenn sounds better, but this
voice is too high to suite me.  Is there a way I can change the
settings?  Also, does pitch work for other synthes?  Thanks.


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