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Thank you very much, I played with this on Sunday, and got myself completely and utterly confused. I just reread the message again and it makes a lot more sense now. I appreciate it very much. I'm going to reload the default, and start over. Thanks again.

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Hi Shannon,


You can have different voice settings for the PC cursor, Jaws cursor, keyboard voice and tutor and message voice. This includes a different Eloquence voice, different speed or pitch. I find Reed and Glenn are quite similar and the most useful Eloquence voices, I think by default the Jaws cursor uses Rocko which I don’t like at all and voices like Grandpa, Grandma, Shelly, Bobby and Sandy sound pretty silly to me.

If you want to change voice settings, press Jaws Key (Insert)+J, press enter on Options, go down one to Voices and press enter or spacebar to expand the submenu, then press enter on Voice Adjustment. Now tab 4 times until you get to the “Voice Adjust Combo Box”, you have “All Context” at the top, here you can only adjust the voice rate, volume etc. which then applies to all other voices. Down one is the PC cursor voice, here you can select one of the Eloquence voices (Reed is the default), adjust also the voice rate which then would only apply to the PC cursor, adjust punctuation and voice pitch. The first thing I always do when I install Jaws on a new PC is to cranc up the voice rate and then I lower the pitch which to me is way to high. I usually set it to “41” which translates to 40%.\

You can, of course, also download any of the Vocalizer Expressive voices as well and use them.

In order to do this, after you download and install them, you would first arrow down in the list of synthesizers to “Vocalizer Expressive”, then tab over 4 times and you have the same options for All context, PC cursor voice, Jaws cursor voice, keyboard voice and tutor and message voice. Go, for example, to PC cursor voice and tab one more time and you can then select any of the voices you may have downloaded, for example, Samantha. Once you made your selection it’s best to tab to the “Save As” button and in my example, save it as “Samntha” or “Vocalizer – Samantha”. This allows you to use the Jaws Key+Control+S hotkey to bring up the voice profile manager and if you saved it as “Samantha” then that is one of the choices here and you can easily switch to it.

In the same way you could, if you need it, set up profiles for different languages.





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Hi all,

I got my code and my copy of JAWS is live.


I now belong to quite a few mailing lists, and in one of the MANY messages regarding the WE to JAWS conversion it was mentioned that there were some specific documents on the topic or maybe it was a pod cast?

Has anyone else heard this? I sure can’t find it.

If anyone has the link for such things I would appreciate it if you could share it.

Ha Ha I would really love a JAWS to WE translation guide!

So many of the concepts are using different language than I am used to.

I am sure having trouble with the perspective of which curser is giving the feedback. Can I change the voices for all the different cursers? So I can tell who is talking to me?





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