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Hi Ed,


It is not logical or intuitive in your opinion, to me it makes perfect sense. Synthesizers are not the same as voices hence before you can find the Vocalizer voices

You have to pick the Vocalizer synthesizer, if you simply go to Voice Adjustment and are, by default on the Eloquence synthesizer, you obviously will not find the voices from the Vocalizer synthesizer in the list of persons/voices.

The same applies to the SAPI 5X or the SAPI5X 64 synthesizer, you wouldn’t go there and expect to find the Eloquence voice there, either.

It’s simply a two-part selection, select your synthesizer and then go to the list of “Persons”, here you select the one you want and you can then save it so it shows up in the list of synthesizers with it’s own name and settings.





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This question comes up all the time.

I contend that the methodology is not logical or intuitive.

You probably downloaded some of the Vocalizer 2 voices, and you probably downloaded separate files for the “large” synthesizer “persons.”

They DO NOT show up; however, you will doubtless see something that says “Vocalizer,” and it may even say (factory settings) or something like that.

Nevertheless choose that, press Alt + V.  That should put you into relative proximity to the place where you can choose a person.  Pick your person and choose the other settings you want.

Then, tab (do it several time).  Eventually, you will get to “Save as.”

Then, pick a name that relates to the person you chose, e.g., “SusanSynth.”

Then press ENTER.

You will now have a synthesizer called SusanSynth that you can pick from the list of synthesizers.




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If you were using Eloquence, you should be able to change voice profiles and they will show up.  However, you can’t have Vocalizer voices from version 1 installed with voices from Vocalizer version 2.



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From: Don H
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Subject: adding voices


I have download and installed the extra voices that I got from the fs

web page.  After a reboot they do not show up in the voices list in the

Jaws UI.  How do I get them to show up?





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