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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I agree with Carolyn 99% on this, but there are times (a dedicated bible dictionary comes to mind) when it is appropriate to save to a particular dictionary, rather than the default. Not too many folks name their kids Nebuchadnezzar these days, and the word Job is too obvious to explain, with or without caps. There are also dedicated medical dictionaries.


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When you change word pronunciation, first thing, Press Shift-Control-D for default to all programs. Then Press Enter to add. Once you are satisfied with your selection, be sure to Tab to OK, then Save changes when you Exit the program.

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Subject: getting rid of annoying speech

OK, I am back with a different issue, grin.

Every time I open

an email, I hear things like x western or x Unicode.
When I arrow through the text, it is voiced, but there is nothing there. I assume this is some type of formatting indicator, but how can I make this go away?

With the same general idea, how do I change pronunciations for words that are incorrectly spoken with my synthesizer? I tried to make changes and it appeared I had done it, but when I went back to my document, the change did not take effect. I did choose global rather than application for the changes.

Thank you again. This is turning out to be a very informative group.


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