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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Furthermore, both parameters can be set either globally or on a program-by-program basis. I use typing echo on spreadsheets, because mistakes are hard to trace after the fact, but turn it off everywhere else.


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Hi, Carol. If you press the INSERT or JAWS key as it is sometimes called by JAWS users, with the number two on the numbers row, you can change whether JAWS echos back characters, words, or nothint at all. If it is set to echo words, the word will be spoken right after pressing the space bar, or a punctuation key.

As to setting numbers to be spoken as single digits, this setting is under JAWS Settings, INSERT plus six on the number row. Then navigate down to Text Processing, and change the setting to single digits, controlled by synthesizer. That should allow speaking of single digits.

I hope this helps you.

Bill White

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Subject: help with verbalizing items

In Window-Eyes, it was possible to have words spoken after pressing
space or punctuation or the spacebar. It was also possible to have each
digit of a number spoken immediately when typed, such as 123 being
echoed as 1 2 3. Is this possible with Jaws? Also, I read earlier that
someone had asked if there was a way to get Jaws to stop saying alt
tab. If that question was answered, I did not see a reply. Of course,
I have gone through over 300 email messages today, and it is very
possible I might have overlooked the reply. So, I am asking again,
grin. Thanks.


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