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Melcom is my primary voice. I do use Ava as well. This is just a preference but, I found a lot of the female voices sound cranky like they are having a bad day. Again, that is a personal preference.

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Synthesizer preferences are totally subjective. The Vocalizer voices are all pretty responsive now. They sound nice, for the most part, but when they miss a word, they miss it badly, and I'm talking about some pretty common words.
Eloquence and DecTalk Access both, by comparison, sound a little robotic (That's because you've never heard an Echo or an Echo PC from Street Electronics in the 80's). Eloquence and DecTalk, to me, are the clear champions when it comes to responsiveness. I think that, on average, they do a better job on common words than do the Vocalizer voices.
In the last decade, for various reasons related to work, I have had to switch back and forth between JAWS and WindowEyes, and my wife has a Macintosh.
My synthesizer of choice is still good old Eloquence.

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I'm using Malcolm, I like him a lot.

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Don H <lmddh50@...> wrote:
Would like to get some opinions regarding which is the best and most responsive syn to use with JAWS I am currently using the vocalizer Tom high.

That's what I'm using too, and it's responsive enough for daily use. I'm running the new version released for JAWS 18, not the old 1.x version.

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