Re: silencing Jaws during self-voicing programs

Philip Hall <p.hall.eml1@...>

Yes, jaws only sleeps while you are focused on the self-voicing application.

If you alt+tab or bring focus to a different application or to your desktop, Jaws will wake up again.


The reason is because jaws automatically loads  configuration files  that correspond to the application that you bring focus too. Each configuration has its own settings such as the

Sleep mode.





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On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 07:18 am, Philip Hall wrote:

This is extremely simple.

Great piece of information.  My only question is if one uses this technique will JAWS speech automatically be "awakened" when you exit the program that you've created that script for that puts it to sleep?   Or does one have to create a corresponding "wake back up" script for the "on exit from program" condition?

I'm trying to pull together this and Ed Marquette's offering.
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