Re: silencing Jaws during self-voicing programs

Philip Hall <p.hall.eml1@...>

This is extremely simple.
Open the application in question.

Press jaws key + the number six on the numbers row to launch jaws settings center.

you will open in add new configuration manager.
A default name will be automatically entered in the application name.
Press enter to accept.

You will be in a search edit box.
Type sleep
You will be presented with two results.

Arrow down to
Sleep mode.
Press the space bar to check it
Tab to the ok button and press enter.
Now, whenever you launch the self voicing application, jaws will be automatically put to sleep.


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Subject: Re: silencing Jaws during self-voicing programs

I'm late to this list. The below suggestion does work fine, but if this self-voicing program is something lots of blind persons use, I'm surprised there is no script for it that turns off speech.
I think such a script could be written pretty easily.
When the program opens, the script file would run automatically. The function would simply be the built-in function {SpeechOff}
Then, to exit the program, one might invent an exit keystroke such as shift+Windows+X. That would turn speech back on and exit the program by, for instance, sending Alt + f
And then
"x", using the built-in TypeKey function.
I'm not a terribly proficient script writer, but I think that may do it.

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Carol, JAWSKey(insert)+spacebar then s to turn speech off or on.

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Subject: silencing Jaws during self-voicing programs

How do I get Jaws to stop speaking while running programs that have their own speech? For example, Kurzweil has a Jaws built-in way to take care of this. I would like to play my BlindGamers games without having to shut Jaws down completely. Can this be done? Thanks.



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