Re: numbering in lists, etc.

Don H

This will not give the list index when in the list of Emails in Thunderbird.

On 5/20/2017 8:38 AM, Mario wrote:
Carol, William, and anyone else, have you tried pressing JAWSKey+Tab?
this Says the current window and the associated prompt label, and
sometimes will include the number of the item's position in a list.
it'll be announced at the end since it repeats the item currently
selected. I wish someone would come up with a JAWS shortcut that
announces just the item's position instead of having to listen to the
entire selection. but for now, JAWSKey+tab will have to do.
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Subject: numbering in lists, etc.
i have the same question
using win 10 1703 and windows live mail with jfw 18
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Subject: numbering in lists, etc.
Is there a way to get Jaws to say the item number in a list such as
email 32 of 345? I currently have no idea as to how many more email
messages I have to go through this morning, grin. Thank you.

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