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That was a great unit. The only problem I had was that if the data stream to them wasn't done carefully they would lock up. As I remember it took a reboot to get them synced again.
My last one had been repaired a couple of times and had wires hanging out of it when I quit using it.


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As far as I know, this synth is not available for JAWS any longer despite being a supported synthesizer as part of the JAWS synthesizer and braille manager. I tried calling FreedomScientific about this a few years back as this is my favorite synth too and they do not sell an authorization for it any longer.
The only solution to this I have found is to obtain a DecTalk Express hardware synth if you can find one. These usually appear from time to time online.

On 5/19/17, Don H <> wrote:
As everyone knows we all get used to our favorite syn. For me I used
Decaccess32 with window eyes. Is this syn available for Jaws?
I am a total newbee with Jaws but so far I like it. Can't wait to
learn all its ins and outs.

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