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A quick Google search for "iTunes 12 Keyboard Shortcuts" displayed the following as the first search result:
It gives you all keyboard shortcuts broken down into the following categories:

Play music, video, and more
Create and manage playlists
Manage your iTunes library and media files
Change what you see
Find items in the iTunes Store
Other shortcuts
Full keyboard navigation commands


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Not sure off the top of my head, and am not currently in front of my computer, but I know if you go to the menus above and arrow through there it will show you the different controls and also list the shortcut to get to them

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Hello All,

If you're using jaws with I tune 12, pleas what are the key strokes? I
know space bar for play/pause, control up and down arrow key for
volume up and down. what are the other keys for fast forward (not next
track), back forward (not previous track) and other keys you might

Please share.



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