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I'm so glad this seems counterintuitive to you. This comes up periodically on this list. I think I'm the last to have encountered this problem. There were lots of good suggestions, but NONE worked.
Technical Support at Freedom Scientific walked me through the following.
I'm guessing you are talking about the Vocalizer Expressive 2 voices. They actually don't show up anywhere one would expect.
Go to the JAWS menu (JawsKey + J), then activate the "Options."
After that, go to the Voice Adjustment menu.
You will see some software synthesizers, including Eloquence.
You will have a Vocalizer Expressive Voice Installed. You probably already had one installed. So, it looks like nothing happened. Well, that may be true, but it probably is just the counterintuitive way Freedom Scientific set this up. I'm guessing you are looking for Susan, Allison, or one of the other voice persons. They are there; they are just hidden. Arrow down to the Vocalizer Expressive synthesizer. Then press Alt + V. You might have to tab once (I don't remember specifically, but you are not more than two tabs away after you hit Alt + V).
I think you can now arrow up and down to pick your voice, e.g., Susan or Alison. Arrow down to pick the voice you want to use (at least part of the time).
Then, DO THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL! Tab over, way over, until you come to a "Save As" prompt.
At that point save this "Person" as a synthesizer, e.g., SusanVoice or AlisonVoice.
Then hit apply and OK.
Now, when you do a voice adjustment, you will have synthesizers that match the name and settings for the "persons, e.g., SusanVoice."
By the way, you do this process EVEN if you downloaded the big files individually. Remember, the compressed voices all come in one file.
I'm guessing you downloaded the big files that are linked to the "person" names. That, in fact, is what fooled me.
I downloaded Susan, and I illogically thought I would find a file installed as Susan. NOT SO.
ALL the voices are tucked away in the Vocalizer Expressive menu.

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I have download and installed the extra voices that I got from the fs web page. After a reboot they do not show up in the voices list in the Jaws UI. How do I get them to show up?

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