Re: VFO Tech Support, was: The answer is not to tell us that buying a new version of JAWS is the proper solution.


It is the great lie to believe that sight may not be important or critical in solving certain problems quickly and efficiently.

I have been, and probably will be, castigated for stating that but it's true.

Stating the above says nothing, positive or negative, about the competence of someone who's blind or visually impaired.  What it does say is that you sometimes face the choice of taking forever to get through something that someone who sees literally sees in real time.  When dealing with a primarily visual medium it only makes sense to take that into account when you're in a bind that you need to get out of as promptly as possible.

There is no shame, and no weakness, implied in asking for the most effective assistance one can get in any given situation where one needs it.  If one has the luxury of time, and wants to learn something for the sake of learning it, then go methodically plowing through it (and this applies regardless of whether you have vision or not).  But if I'm in a work situation and I need something resolved that sight would most likely make faster, it is absolutely not the job of technical support to treat the request as though it were a personal aspersion and they should, in fact, know this themselves if they've been at the job for more than a brief period of time.
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