VFO Tech Support, was: The answer is not to tell us that buying a new version of JAWS is the proper solution.

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Well, just now I must say I had a pretty negative experience with tech support for VFO. I don't want to name the female support person I spoke with, but I asked her if they also had support people that are sighted because my Jaws 18 on this PC suddenly decided not to let me read/review certain information with the Jaws cursor in some applications I use which just a few days ago I could read/review. This is in Sage 50 which I have been using for years and years. In this program when I enter the information from an invoice there is an area beneath the spreadsheet like table where I put quantity, description, cost, tax code etc. where it displays the subtotal, the total amount of tax and the total. I could always go there with the Jaws cursor and find these amounts, now I can't. I only asked if there was sighted support because a sighted person of course could see immediately what I am talking about. To make a long story short, this young lady told me that just because she and the other support staff was blind or visually  impaired they were less competent and she did so in a tone which meant she had her panties in a very tight wad and apparently was very offended that I asked for sighted help. I explained to her that I of course was also blind and did not imply she was not competent but simply that my issue could be better explained to somebody who could in fact see that part of the screen you could not get to with Jaws. I explained that I also knew to some degree what I was talking about since I was a Jaws user for 28 years at which point she basically laughed at me and told me Jaws was not even around 28 years ago. She told me that she had been with Freedom Scientific since 2001 and Jaws had only been around since 1998 later she said 1995. I just said that there was life before Windows and that I didn't necessarily mean I was a Jaws for Windows user for 28 years, but a Jaws user. I guess she may need a lesson in the corporate history of VFO/Freedom Scientific/Henter-Joyce.

Anyways, this is just another example how different experiences can be, you can get somebody with tons of experience in basic day-to-day stuff, then you can get somebody with excellent training but little experience and you somtimes get really lucky and you get somebody who has a ton of experience and also a bunch of excellent training.





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My experience with the now, VFO Technical Support has been world class.

I actually haven't had need to contact technical support since the acquisition of FS by VFO.  I hasten to add that my observation about many technical support reps being neither technical nor supportive was broad and general, not aimed at VFO in any way.

There are some really marvelous tech support folks out there, and when I get one I make sure they know it and if I'm surveyed afterward, whether on the phone after a session or by e-mail later, I make sure that whoever is collecting these knows it, too.   The same, of course, applies on the opposite end of the spectrum, too.  If someone's "fair to middlin'" then I may or may not respond to a survey. 
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