Re: major warning about c cleaner and windows 10

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For me and MS accessibility it is the registery cleaner that was of concern




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I've been using CCleaner (not the registry cleaner option - I never use those) for disc cleanup, browser cache cleanup, and a number of it's other tidying functions since the XP days (I think, I know since Windows 7) and use it routinely under Windows 10 on multiple machines, both 32 and 64 bit, and under every Version of Windows 10 Home 64-bit and Windows 10 Pro 32-bit that's been issued so far.

It has not caused any issues for me.   Given the long history of this product and the lack of any widely reported issues with it this would indicate what was experienced was idiosyncratic in some way.  That's not "blaming the user" either, it's just an observable thing.  If CCleaner were taking down Windows 10 systems with any frequency the technical press would have been all over it by now.  It would almost amount to a scandal.
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