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Tom, this is the biggest reason I never signed up for MS 365. I've stayed with Office 2010 because I can use it easly and don't have to worry about newer versions and there lack of accessibility with JAWS.
Just my 1.96 cents worth.

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For the most part, I would say that Jaws works reasonably well with Office 365, and particularly with Word and Outlook.

However, I do find that when Office 365 is updated (which turns out to be fairly frequently), certain functions that used to work properly no longer do. One recent example in this regard has been the ability to effectively navigate and edit e-mail groups in Outlook. For some reason, the usual arrow and other key commands don't seem to work as well as they once did.

I'll be interested in the thoughts of others.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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Does Jaws work well with Microsoft Office 365? Mostly concerned about how well it would work with Word and Outlook.

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