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James Homuth

That's not a JAWS thing. That's a permissions thing. JAWS settings, per user, are stored in .ini, .jcf and etc files under the %appdata% folder, as they've always been. Any setting you change that differs from the default, all users setting, gets written to your own personalized copy of those files. Therefore, if you don't have permission to write to your own %appdata% folder, or the JAWS folder inside that one, then those settings won't save. At that point, you get to explain to your employer why that is an absolutely braindead permissions policy and could they please pick up a fresh clue.

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When I used JAWS at work, I could not even make a hot key for it without the administrator doing it. I did not realize that Window-Eyes let a standard user make these changes. I am so sorry, but you can not make hardly any changes to JAWS as a standard user, you can change the rate or volume and such, but that is about it. You cannot get into quick settings and make many changes in there at all.

That is not right. I had to use JAWS at work at practically factory settings LOL!

David Moore

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Subject: standard user and jaws


why is it that no jaws settings can be changed when running as a standard user?

i can do this with window eyes.

this is a serious problem for me.

i do not log on as a administrator to block most viruses from installing


i tried changeing the jaws icon to run as administrator but with this both jaws

and the ease of access center runs at the same time.

even so i muted all of the function keys and they show there indeed in mute

mode but the still speak.

i can make these changes logged in as administrator and the work fine. but not

as a standard user.



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