Re: Mouse Echo and Mouse Tracking?

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Becase there are those with some vision who can enlarge the mouse curser and use a mouse and it now will read what your on


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Subject: Mouse Echo and Mouse Tracking?


Good morning,

What exactly is the Mouse Echo designed for? If there is a JAWS curser isn’t that the mouse? Does not the JAWS curser read what it lands on? Why would you need another mouse reading feature?

And whatever this does is the same thing as in NVDA  called Mouse Tracking, is that correct?

Thanks shannon

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Already does as part of JAWS 18 via mouse echo.




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Subject: Re: Hi Joseph and all.


Just to satisfy my own curiosity, does anyone know if JAWS has the equivalent of NVDA's mouse tracking feature in the pipeline?  I don't think that Window-Eyes had this, either, but I've used that screen reader very little.

I find the mouse tracking feature particularly invaluable for those using touch screen laptops.
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