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To make a hot key for starting JAWS, go to the JAWS icon on your desktop, press alt+enter, and tab to the box where you type the hotkey. Just press J or any other letter. The CTRL and ALT will be put there automatically. So just pressing a J, will create your hotkey. Your hotkey will then be CTRL+Alt+J. just tab to okay after typing the j and press enter. Sometimes, Win10 throws it out, so you have to do those steps again. You will get a message to press enter if you are an administrator with win10 as well when setting up the hotkey!

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Oh yes, and JAWS should work from the Systems Tray. You can Press Insert-J. You'll be in Options. Right Arrow once, and you'll be on Basics. Enter there. In that section, tab across, and Automatically Start up JAWS will be there, and a couple or three tabs to the right will be JAWS in Systems Tray, you will want to check both of those by pressing rthe Spacebar. Then tab to OK. Then press Escape.


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You can also configure JAWS to start automatically; I strongly recommend doing both.




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For what it is worth, JAWS doesn't assign a hot key by default to start it.

You can always press windows-r to run and type

jaws18 for version 18

jaws 17 for version 17.


You'll need to make a hot key such as alt-control-j if you want that to work.




Chris Grabowski

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Hi Pastor Gil,


Michelle Stevens here,


Though I am still a new Jaws user, you may wish to go to the braille and

synthesiser settings through the main menu.


Press your hot keys to start Jaws usually insert plus control pus letter

j on your desk top.


Press insert plus j to bring Jaws into focus.


Press alt plus o for the options menu. Press  alt to arrow through the

different menus.


Tip, I found the on board help very helpful. You may wish to install the

fs reader for tutorials.


There are a lot of podcasts in Freedomscientific website.


If I am giving wrong info, I am sorry, there are others on the list a

lot more experienced than me.


Best wishes

Michelle Stevens.


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On 16 May 2017, at 10:02 am, Pastor Gil Pries <gilp@...

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My name is Pastor Gil Pries.

I am going to be a new jaws user.

I’d like to know how to get in to the braille and synthesizer manager?


Pastor Gil













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