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David Moore


For JAWS to do OCR on a PDF document, press Insert+Space bar, then press the two letters O D.

David Moore

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What is the JAWS command for PDF, please? Thanks.


Bye for now,





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I'm still using 16 (which may reduce the value of my input),

and have used it on 2010, 2013, and 2016.  The JAWS cursors

function like  mouse buttons, and allow you to go outside

the typing area, where angels sometimes fear to tread.



As for the learning curve,  take it as  you need it.  focus

on the basic tutorial, which will tell you everything  you

need to get started.  Learn fancy features as you need them.

It's a really slick program with good ergonomics, and runs

with a huge program library



When you need it,  you'll love the PDF functionality, which,

when combined with the recent PDF-friendly features in

Office, puts real power on your desktop.  Many, if not most,

offices use this versatile format, and it'll probably mean

you will not have to purchase the full-blown Acrobat

program, which will save either you or your employer a

nickel or two.






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Hi Shannon!  JAWS offers a lot of helpful training materials

that are free.  To locate these, navigate to the JAWS Window

by pressing either Alt Tab or Insert plus the letter J.

Insert is also the 0 key on the number pad on a regular

desktop keyboard, provided that your num lock setting is set

to off.  Once you are there, press Alt plus the letter H to

bring up the help menu.  Then you can use the arrow keys to

find the training option.  Press enter to open this menu.

You should land in a table of contents for all of the

training materials.  Depending on how JAWS was installed on

your system, you can either select the particular module you

are wanting to read, or download it.  You can use the arrow

keys to navigate through the page, and find all of the

choices.  I hope this is helpful for you.  Good luck!  I

know that being a new JAWS user can be very overwhelming at

first.  I was there and I haven't forgotten how confusing it

was for me.  I urge you to go through these training

modules.  They will be very helpful to you.  They are guided

as well with audio to listen to, if you don't want to read

the information. 



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Subject: New user here; JAWs questions and concerns



Good morning,


I am a potential new user of JAWS. I would be one of many

conversions from WindowEyes.


I have downloaded the trial of JAWS 18 and pretty concerned

about what it can and cannot do.


I know that there is a large learning curve I will have to

go through, and that is only one of my concerns.


I have been reading the list for the last few days and a few

things mentioned by others concern me.


I also use here at work Office 2010, Outlook, Word and Excel

all the time.


I saw a mention of excel not working well with JAWS? Is that

true? That would be a deal breaker for me.


I use spread sheets every single day to do my job. I also

use on a daily basis the MS Query feature. Will JAWS handle

the queries?


I make mail merge documents frequently and they tie to the

MS Databases.



Will Jaws work with outlook 2010? I have over 10 different

email profiles set up and I need access to them.


Does JAWS have a way to search the screen for text or

buttons to be clicked by the mouse or a "HotSpot" feature as

WE did/does? I use that feature everyday along with custom

scripts to get access to the time keeping software programs.


The language in the control panel seams so foreign to me. I

can't tell, but it seems as if Jaws acknowledges 4 kinds of

cursers? A virtual curser, a JAWS curser, PC Curser, and

something called Mouse overlay?


Is the Jaws curser the mouse? What is the Mouse overlay? Can

I read the screen with the mouse?



Since I am new and don't know how it works and how to

configure it I can't tell what I can and can't do.


I can tell that many functions of the accounting program,

and the three programs that are involved in time tracking do

not behave well and most likely are going to require special

custom scripts.


Before I spend a lot of money and time I want to know if

Jaws can even do the little stuff like Office and surfing

the web?


If JAWS doesn't like Office 2010 what version does it like?


Thanks for your time.









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