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Brian, why do the other editions of Office (Home and Business 2010, Home
and Student 2010, etc.) have an expiration date of 2012?

and the expiration for Service Pack 2 has a note that "Support ends 12
months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the
product's support lifecycle, whichever comes first."?

does that mean if there is a Service Pack 3 that is released before
10/13/20, the expiration for SP3 is 10/13/21?

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The extended support end date for the Microsoft Office 2010
Service Pack 2 (which all of us should have by now if we have Office
2010, or will have not long after loading a fresh copy) is October 13,
2020. (See:
( ) )

End of support for Office 2010 should have little to
nothing to do with whether a screen reader will work with it so long as
said screen reader will work under "the old Windows paradigm" meaning if
it's compatible with Windows 7 or earlier.

It is highly unlikely that screen reader support for
Windows 7 will end before its sundown date in 2020 and, given the
embedded base of Windows 7 and that many will still be using it, it may
go after that. I doubt that the code that supports "the old
pre-universal-apps" Windows application programs (termed Desktop Apps
under Windows 10) is going to go away for a very, very long time because
those programs are not going away any time soon and there are still many
that are under development that show no signs of rushing to become an
universal app anytime soon.

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