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robert hebert <roberthebert@...>

I can't agree with you strongly enough, I think the new settings center is
great, and especially the new changes section at the bottom. Back in Jaws 6
I changed some atribute or other and even with teck support we could not
find how to correct my change. Now with the new settings center, this would
be a no brainer--which for me at this stage in my life is becoming a more
constant problem and companion. About half the search terms I have typed in
have not worked but it is easy to escape to the tree view and proceed as in
earlier versions.

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Hi Mich,

I agree that the new 'Settings Centre' is a very different approach and it
will take people some time to learn their way around it. However, this
particular process was equally as complex in earlier versions of JAWS. The
only real difference was that, instead of using the search box to find
'Modify Schemes...', you'd need to press ALT+S for 'Set Options', then M (I
think, anyway) for 'Speech & Sounds Manager'. The rest of the steps would
be near enough identical.

The one thing which I really do value about the new utility is that it
remembers the last few settings that you've changed. This is particularly
useful in a tech support environment where a user has somehow broken their
JAWS, but they don't know how: it's now very easy to check what settings
they might have changed to introduce the problem - and, indeed, if they
haven't changed anything, you can surmise that the problem is most likely
somewhere else in the system.


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Thank you Matthew for your detailed and instructive steps for solving this
specific problem.
For me, this confirms my observation that the new Settings Center is a
giant step backwards.
I am an average but long time JAWS user and, rhetorically, I ask how any
casual user of the increasingly complex powerhouse of JAWS 13 is to learn
these kind of commands. It's early here so I hope some of you understand my
lament. Mitch

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