Re: anything new on the elbraille?


I can’t answer all your questions, but according to a demo at the CSUN about Jaws with Edge we should see some official Edge support still in Jaws version 18. Usually the Jaws 19 demo should come out at the beginning of September and they will then work towards a late October release so I would expect to see a Jaws update in the next 2 or so months which will add initial Edge support.

Having said this, I am not super concerned with this as there are other good browser alternatives, with the exception of a couple of issues I think Chrome is currently my favourite and it works great with Jaws.

As for FS Cast, the last one was in late April, you can always go to and check there. I have an iPhone and subscribe to FS Cast using the Podcast app so I turn off these notifications in Jaws since I find it a much better experience to consume Podcasts with my iPhone.





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Subject: anything new on the elbraille?


Hi JFW listers ken with a question. the notification to get the FS casts is checked in my jaws, but haven’t seen the button notifying me when a new one is made. not sure if it’s because I only use jaws as demo but haven’t seen it, so will ask this here. first of all anything new on the forth coming elbraille notetaker, and on a related note to that when I correct the issue with my computer that prevents me from installing the windows 10 creaters update, wil I notice a  differents in how jaws handles both the windows 10 mail app, in the edge browser and groove music apps, or will that not happen until the next major update to either jaws or windows 10?  is that why the elbraille hasn’t come out yet?  am a huge tech geek and am in our state technology devision of NFB here in jersey and am in a computer talk club here in central jersey, and would love to take something to the meetings. 

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