Re: The answer is not to tell us that buying a new version of JAWS is the proper solution.


Just for a tiny bit of perspective from someone who was once "on the other side" as a software developer it is unrealistic to expect any software maker to support a given version of something "in perpetuity."  Now, mind you, that's not to say that say, three or four of the most recent versions of a piece of software such as JAWS should not be simultaneously maintained, as I believe they should.  As many have pointed out, they're not seeking the new "bells and whistles" that are perpetually being added not only to JAWS, but to almost any piece of software you can name that's under active maintenance.   Freedom Scientific (now VFO) has historically been using "upgrade to the new version" as their fix for everything for as long as I've been tutoring JAWS.  What's worse, and I've experienced it more than once, is that there have been instances where the new version breaks existing functionality in specific circumstances and how that escaped testing is beyond me.

The long and the sort of it is that there are now very serious and very good competitors to JAWS that are available at little or no cost, depending on whether they ship with the OS you're using or not.  If I had my druthers the state agency for which I do most of my tutoring would have transitioned to one of those several years ago, but getting any bureaucracy to change is a long, slow proposition.  At the individual level it need not be and for certain alternatives the learning curve is not particularly steep.
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