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Laura Richardson

Getting Office 365 is not an option for me in this situation.  I just really need to make sure the combination of Windows 10, Jaws 18 and MS Word 2010 will work well together and that MS Word 2010 will continue to be supported …… Thanks for your input.







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I would get office 365 and pay the yearly fee.  Then you also install the latest office sueite 2016 software to your device.


This way you have the latest and it is alwaysed updated for free with your 365 account as long as you pay the yearly amount.


I use it and it is great


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Subject: MS Word 2010


Good morning,


Currently I work from home using Windows 7, Jaws 15 and MS Word 2010 on a four year old laptop that is dying (ugh).  I’m supposed to be receiving a new laptop in the near future with Windows 10 Pro and Jaws 18 with the plan of installing MS word 2010 because I already have that version.  I’ve been told this combination will work but I’ve recently heard that MS Word 2010 will no longer be supported in the near future.  Since this will be a work computer, not just personal, it is crucial that I have a combination that works well with Jaws and will not be at risk of nonsupport in the near future.


Advice please? …… Any help is greatly appreciated.






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