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Adrian Spratt

Matthew, thank you for this extremely helpful explanation. I will now have
to undo the setting I described and follow your steps.

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Hi Adrian,

The 'Indicate Element Attribute' checkbox silences all HTML attributes
listed in the Speech & Sounds Manager, HTML Attributes tab. Until recently
this was basically OnMouseOver, Clickable and long descriptions for
graphics, so no, you probably wouldn't have noticed much loss of

Newer versions of JAWS (sorry can't give a specific version number) have
started to introduce support for WAI ARIA, which has to do with more complex
web apps. This introduces a number of other attributes which indicate, for
example, whether a control has a pop-up menu associated with it, or whether
you are required to enter text into an edit box. Disabling the 'Indicate
Element Attribute' checkbox will also silence some of this new WAI ARIA
information. Not all sites use this type of mark-up yet, so you still might
not notice much difference at this stage, but we'll start to see more of it
as HTML 5 and other interactive technologies evolve.


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The method Matthew and Soronel recommend has the virtue of enabling a user
to specify only mouseover as the element to be ignored. The method I posted
silences a range of so-called elements. However, I have worked for years
with mouseover switched off in this latter method and haven't noticed any
other loss of JAWS function. I'd be interested if anyone could post
important elements, or attributes, that I lose this way.

The method Matthew nicely explains is indeed complicated, but I'd keep two
points in mind. First, you couldn't target mouseover alone before FS
introduced the speech and sounds manager. Second, FS firmly believes that
mouseover is information JAWS uses should have, which is why the default is
"on." A third point, perhaps, is that this is a fairly obscure JAWS
function, hence its obscure location within the JAWS menus.

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