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Thanks for your insight. Muting this topic now.
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Jaws wasn’t even a glimmer in the Founders’ eye.  Heck!  Back in those days Braille was either not invented yet or the blind in general were a useless population capable of doing, knowing or a`        `ccomplishing anything. 

Today every kind of hatred or dislike is considered racist when most of the population doesn’t even know what racism is. 

For those of you literalist who don’t agree with a JFW monitor are aware that mixing a handicapped issue like adaptive software for the blind with a serious political issue is like writing an English thesis comparing apples and oranges?  Monitors for a long, complicated technology based support list is a tedious never ending task. Every now and then word goes out on the list asking for volunteers to replace our current person (or is it a staff?) that so many disapprove of.  I haven’t seen (or is it heard?_ of this huge non-existant list.  So will all the more educated, more “fair” and super-humans with 25 hour days to devote to this “volunteer?” position please step up to the plate and show us all how it can be done?    


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On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 02:16 pm, Mich Verrier wrote:

having not followed this thread in full

 And therein lie most of the problems on many of these forums.  Including most of the sturm und drang today.

Calling what has occurred abuse is beyond ridiculous.   Adults sometimes have heated disagreements and most of them manage to get through them without resorting to the fainting couch.

Would that more might try that approach.
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        Many are under the gross misapprehension that the Constitution is a cage and a laundry-list rather than a framework upon which great things have been and still will be built.  Many things that are entirely Constitutional are not "in the Constitution," but are allowed under it.

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