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There isn't any fury that I am aware of. I was speaking in general at this point about how individuals choices are over shadowed by worries that for the most part don't affect us. Like I said in another post. I turn off windows firewall and U
AC as well as most other security features and I download torrents go to all kinds of sites including ones MS tries to stop me from visiting and I download lots of files off the web and I have never had a virus or had my PC hacked. For the average consumer the security threat is not that big if you use common sense... 90% of MS security is just a inconvenience. Unless you are a business or government. Witch is where all the security in windows came from. Not for home users but for the larger corporate/government clients.

On 5/16/2017 1:50 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Randy,  the colon followed by right parenthesis came through just fine as a text based smile.

I have no anger or animosity either.  I still don't understand how someone such as yourself, who has a long and deep history with computers, can't or won't comprehend that design decisions can and will be made, some of which are considered more flexible than others.

I find the fury about password characters being "audio masked" by convention simply unjustified.  Yes, it is inconvenient for some.  There are lots of things that are inconvenient for some.  There is a balance to be struck between ease and security, and it isn't overstepping to believe that security would hold sway in certain specific instances.

It really is not all about you (for any you, not specifically you) and while feature requests can, and indeed should, be made that doesn't mean that they'll necessarily come to pass.
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