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Adrian Spratt

Hi, Lois.

Judging by the time stamp, you were responding here to my message and not
Matthew's. I'm afraid I made two assumptions when I posted my version and
skipped the shift-control-d global and control-s save commands. I'll
re-post my suggestion below with these changes. Remember that Matthew's
approach, while more complicated, is specific for mouseover. The simpler one
I describe is more general, although I haven't found it impedes my JAWS

1. go to settings center with insert-6.

2. Press shift-control-d to make your changes apply universally.

3. Type Web/HTML and wait for options to appear.

4. Press right arrow, and then arrow down to "Miscellaneous."

5. Press right arrow, then arrow down to "Indicate element attribute." If
checked, uncheck.

6. Press control-s to save and alt-F4 to exit.

I hope this works.

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Thank you for your reply concerning my problem turning off mouse over in
kjaws 13.
The route you describe doesn't work. The setting center has become kquite
complex and I'm having difficulty finding my way in it although I[m working
on the tutorial on it. I'll keep trying. I think I'm not saving my setting
somehow; although the instruction sounded simple enough Lois Goodine.

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