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because my password list is in my own code that only i know. so copy and paste will not work.
so with jaws i have to use notepad then copy and paste the passwords into the password field.

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On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 01:32 pm, netbat66 wrote:
if someone, say in your office wants to get your password they could just stand there and watch you type the keys. no speech or sound of any kind.

If someone can do that for the speed with which the average person types a password then more power to them. Also, most people are as cautious as the situation necessitates with regard to entering passwords.

I really don't understand, if you have your passwords already stored and able to be copied, why you would just not do so and paste into the password field. It's been a very long time since I last encountered a password field that will not permit using paste, though I'm sure some still exist.

And as far as any given piece of software not being reliable, that's why other options exist. At the moment, when it comes to screen readers, I am saddened for those who have been using Window-Eyes that it is going away, as having to learn another screen reader if you've been "monolingual" with one is a grand PITA. I've learned over the years that a given screen reader, like any other software, doesn't necessarily play well with specific applications or websites while another will. That's one reason I try to encourage my students to become "emergency proficient" with an alternative screen reader for just such occasions. With the availability of NVDA and the rise of Narrator to being "a real screen reader" (at least under Windows 10) that's now an easier thing to do than it was in the past.
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