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The method Matthew and Soronel recommend has the virtue of enabling a user
to specify only mouseover as the element to be ignored. The method I posted
silences a range of so-called elements. However, I have worked for years
with mouseover switched off in this latter method and haven't noticed any
other loss of JAWS function. I'd be interested if anyone could post
important elements, or attributes, that I lose this way.

The method Matthew nicely explains is indeed complicated, but I'd keep two
points in mind. First, you couldn't target mouseover alone before FS
introduced the speech and sounds manager. Second, FS firmly believes that
mouseover is information JAWS uses should have, which is why the default is
"on." A third point, perhaps, is that this is a fairly obscure JAWS
function, hence its obscure location within the JAWS menus.

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Thank you Matthew for your detailed and instructive steps for solving this
specific problem.
For me, this confirms my observation that the new Settings Center is a
giant step backwards.
I am an average but long time JAWS user and, rhetorically, I ask how any
casual user of the increasingly complex powerhouse of JAWS 13 is to learn
these kind of commands. It's early here so I hope some of you understand my
lament. Mitch
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Lois Goodine wrote: "Since I installed Jaws 13, I can't get rid of
mouse over, on websites. I don't use it and am having difficulty
getting it ignored by Jaws."

The most effective way of doing this without interfering with anything
else is to disable the speaking of OnMouseOvers in the Speech & Sounds
Manager for the currently active scheme. Here's how:

1. Press JAWSKey+6 to invoke the 'Settings Centre'.

2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+D to load the 'Default' file.

3. The 'Search' box will have focus. Type "modify" (without the
quotes) and wait a few seconds.

4. Press DownArrow once. JAWS should announce that you are on 'Modify

5. Press the SPACEBAR.

6. You will now be presented with a dialog prompting you to select the
scheme you wish to modify. The currently active scheme will be
selected by default. Press ALT+E for the 'Edit Selected Scheme'

7. Press CTRL+TAB eight times to land on the 'HTML Attributes' page.

8. You should be on a list of attributes. Press O twice to move to

9. Press ALT+I to move to, and check, the 'Ignore' radio button.

10. Press ENTER four times to confirm your changes, answering 'Yes' to
any dialog boxes which appear.

11. Press ALT+F4 to exit the 'Settings Centre'.

12. You should be asked if you wish to save your changes - answer 'Yes'.

Hope this helps,

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