locked Abuse in the "digests"!




An e-mail explaining what was, and what was not, appropriate behaviour/language for sending to the JFW listserv was sent out not long ago.


It seems to me that “James Homuth” has crossed the line in many of his comments, including in Digest 886!  Most of my work life was involved with “human rights” issues, and it is important to remember that it is NOT INTENT that matters; rather, it is EFFECT.  If you agree, please do something about it.


It is possible that the person asking the original question may never write to this listserve after Mr. Homuth’s comments.  As well, others may be discouraged from reaching out for help with JAWS.


If you do NOT agree with my statement, please explain why his comments did not “cross the line”.


Thank you.


Jim Hamilton




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