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Soronel Haetir

There is also specifically an OnMouseOver element in the speech and
cound scheme manager and ignore is one of the options there. I don't
have a website it onmouseovers handy to try it on though.

On 11/12/11, Adrian Spratt <> wrote:

I'll try to replicate the steps I just tested with the JAWS 12 settings
center and hope they still apply in JAWS 13, then I'll copy an old set of
instructions, just in case.

1. go to settings center.

2. Go to Web/HTML.

3. Press right arrow, and then arrow down to "Miscellaneous."

4. Press right arrow, then arrow down to "Indicate element attribute." If
checked, uncheck.

The following instructions that apply to a non-settings center version of
JAWS gave me the clues:

In the configuration manager, press control shift D for the default file.
Press alt S for the set options menu.
Press H for HTML options.
Control shift tab to the misc tab and uncheck the box for indicate element

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Since I installed Jaws 13, I can't get rid of mouse over, on websites. I
don't use it and am having difficulty getting it ignored by Jaws. I'm trying
to learn my way around the settings center but must not be saving the
setting, or something. If someone can help, It would be much appreciated.
Thank you. Lois Goodine.

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