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James Homuth

Older versions of JAWS used to have that option. I forget when that changed,
exactly, but I think around version 6 or 7. there also used to not be a way
to turn that off. My solution to that problem: I turned JAWS off long enough
to enter my passwords. Why? Because letting JAWS read your passwords to you,
especially if you're one of the folks who prefer to use JAWS without a
headset, is only slightly less insecure than the ability to read your
password on the screen as you type - which, just for the record, any website
worth dealing with will not give you the option of doing. If you need JAWS
to tell you your password as you're entering it in, my suggestion would be
to get a better password, or invest in one of the way too many password
management apps floating about.

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i already don't like jaws. window eyes has the option to speak the passwords
you type in.
too bad its gone.
i am alone unless a ghost is listening in.
i am a 2 finger /two thumbed typer. grin.
most sites only give you 3 chances to type in your password before you are
locked out.

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On very few occasions I see a password field where there is a "Show" button
or something along those lines which if you click it will then reveal the
password. But most password fields don't have it for obvious security
reasons and in those cases you can't make the password visible or make it so
you hear the characters instead of "star". If you aren't confident enough to
type without the feedback or if another physical problem prevents you from
doing so then what you describe is probably the best solution, type the
password in Notepad and copy and paste it. As an alternative you could use a
password manager which would fill the user name and password field for you
once a password has been saved, but here you still have to enter a master
password to unlock the saved password. Only thing is that the master
password is the same for all passwords and at least with Roboform you can
specify a time interval during which the passwords stay unlocked, e.g. if
you set it to 3 hours then for 3 hours after you enter the master password
you wouldn't have to enter it again. I assume other password managers have a
similar feature, but I can't be sure since I have only ever used Roboform.


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can password fields be changed so i can hear what i type in?
if i can't i would have to type them in notepad and paste them into the

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