Re: web mail or thunderbird

Jed Barton

You're so right. Gonna give both a try and play around with it for a bit.

On 5/14/17, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

       I don't think there is a "one best answer" because it really depends
on what any given individual wants and how well they can handle (as in not
get frustrated by) the web mail interface(s) they'd be using versus the
e-mail client program [likely singular] they'd be using with screen

       As Randy has already noted, using an e-mail client, whether
Thunderbird or other, allows you to read one or more e-mail accounts all in
one place with one interface you need to learn with the screen reader(s) you
choose to use.  This is a great advantage as far as someone beginning to use
screen readers, but for someone who's a sophisticated user already and who
doesn't mind having to memorize the extra bits specific to any e-mail
providers web interface they may not want to use an e-mail client.  Most
e-mail client programs also support a unified inbox, which puts messages
from all of your e-mail accounts into what appears to be a single inbox,
which some people love [I don't, I have separate e-mail accounts for
separate purposes and prefer to visit the actual inbox of each so I know
exactly what I'm dealing with at the moment].  As far as screen readers go
at the moment it seems that Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail 2012 (which
can be downloaded from here ( ) and works
just fine for POP/IMAP access to e-mail servers) are both the most
accessibility friendly.

        It all comes down to what suits you best and to tell the truth only
you can determine that and the best way to do so is try an e-mail client and
try the web interfaces for the accounts you have to see which access method
you like better.  My only word of caution is that if you are using an e-mail
client to access your messages, and you anticipate using other devices to do
so as well or will need to occasionally use the web interface for a "quick
check" on someone else's machine, definitely set your e-mail accounts up
such that they use IMAP access to the server rather than POP.


        Presenting the willfully ignorant with facts is the very definition
of casting pearls before swine.

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