For Win10 Users who'd like an easy way to automatically include their Win10 Version, Build, & Type Information


I know that most participants do not use the web interface, but here is an instance where you might want to make a "one shot" visit to your own Subscription page:
for the group to include a signature when you post via e-mail.  There is a checkbox on the page that reads, "Use signature for email posting" that's immediately followed by an edit box for the signature itself.
As you can see in my own, I've now added my current Windows 10 version, build, and specific type information following my name.  The name, of course, is not necessary.
This is an easy edit each time any one of the above mentioned pieces of information is changed and it will be automatically added to the end of any message you send to the group via e-mail (or web, too, if you check that checkbox and use the web interface).
Brian        Version 1703, Build 15063.296, Home 64-bit


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